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Our surf school is located at Playa Encuentro.

Unanimously considered the best place to surf on the north coast, Playa Encuentro is only 10 minutes from Cabarete. For the best surfing vacations in the Caribbean, just head to Encuentro, the most popular surfing beach in the Dominican Republic. This exotic stretch of lush tropical beach is lined with coconut groves and seagrape forests westidies almendtries. Encuentro Beach, on the outskirts of Cabarete, is a point break offering various peaks: the left, the right, the destroyer and the Cocopipe. The Cocopipe is a world-famous wave similar to the Hawaiian giants.


Popular with surfers from around the world, the waves at Encuentro are also ideal for beginners who are just learning to surf. The surfing conditions are superb. Encuentro boasts clean left- and right-breaking waves of up to 12 feet, there are no sharks, and it has an average water temperature of 80 F/26 C.


Couple this with the low cost of a Dominican vacation and the genuine friendliness of the Dominican people -why would you take your surf vacation elsewhere? The word is out! When the talk is about surfing in the Caribbean, the buzz is all about Encuentro.

Antonio Masala

Surf Instructor

In 1987, I started my first windsurf school in Cabarete.  Beginning in 2000, I’ve added kite, surf and SUP.  In my spare time, I love to sail on laser boats, and foil boards have been an interest over the past year.


I am passionate and enthusiastic about the conditions on the north shore of Dominican Republic.


I invite you to my tropical playground and happy to teach you all levels.


Buena Onda


  • DAY 1

    • CLASS BEGINS AT 8:30am

       Land and Ocean Knowledge

      •  practice on simulator position, paddling, take off
      •  go with teacher in the water, 8.4 beginner-board (big) ,
      •  riding down the white water correction of position paddling and takeoff (appr. 2 times 45min)

  • DAY 2

    • CLASS BEGINS AT 8:30am

      Ocean Knowledge talk and see the condition

      •  size, direction, second periods
      •  practicing on simulator take off and turn in frontside
      •  going in the water, 7.10 Malibu
      •  practicing surfing surfing surfing

  • DAY 3

    • CLASS BEGINS AT 8:30am

      Ocean Knowledge

      •  board 7.2 Malibu
      •  surfing with teacher go into details
      •  learning sitting on the line up selection of waves,
      •  learning priority on the water etc.

  • Advanced Lessons

    • Advance lessons are individual lesson, we offer only private lesson
      • step in your level ( correction and details )
      • learn to duck dive
      • floater
      • radical manoevers
      • taught bye pro-surfers in good English,

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